Amber Heard | Johnny Depp | Divorce Defamation Litigation

As somebody else who has been in relationship with popular women, who are actresses, and those who are relatively attractive, I Peter Tasciotti can relate a bit with Johnny Depp. Mega-famous and lucrative celebrity brand name, Johnny Depp is being dragged through the gutter of male versus female slugfest. What’s the score presently circa April 2022?

What’s been hurtful to Depp’s image, is more so for Amber Heard his ex-wife She is now deemed to be a questionable person. Her integrity is being doubted. Her honesty is far from the reality of facts. Did Amber Heard fabricate or exaggerate her stories? This is what the litigation has uncovered.

It seems that in the court of public opinion, Amber Heard is not believable and her credibility is shot down. This is what people are talking about, the lies of Amber heard. Actually, this bodes well for men in relationship with such women. Can we determine this Amber Heard category as a stereotype? Is it a variation on the “gold-digger type”? Or is it something else.

I’m not saying that Johnny Depp is perfect, far from it. After all, he drinks “MEGA PINTS” of wine! Again I can relate, I’m not perfect either (not yet LOL). i call my process, the perfecting phase. However, since Johnny Depp is not perfect, did that give Amber Heard any right to do what she has done within the tumultuous relationship? I don’t think so, the imperfection of Amber Heard runs very deep.

These are fabulously wealthy and capable persons in the limelight, in the public eye. They are in the fame game of the Hollywood Tinseltown arena. This is our Society’s prima de la prima, creme de la creme, top of the the pop, top shelf. The entertainment industry, led by the movie wing of it, is the most influential and powerful of our world’s cultural forces. This very industry is the nest of the whole Depp-Heard saga. What a vulture nest it is!

Therefore, I am going to declare it is all rotten and rife with dishonesty and disharmony. Having given the Depp-Hear litigation as a fundamental example, who can argue with my pronouncement? I say, if we are to go forward as a civilization, as humanity, we have to do a little bit better! I think we have to seek other pop heroes to guide us and fascinate us!!

I’ll let you know when my relationships are in order and ready to be revealed to the public. ;7)



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