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Civilogia by Keyboa

Carpe Diem, Namaste, Ho Ho Ho. Greetings and Great Things, everybody! I intend to write a new series of concise and articulate articles on pertinent subject matter. This is to clarify any misunderstandings due to my past musings and experimentation, from The Instant Messenger, to Youtube-Utubia, and Microcandy, etc. Never heard of me? If you are a new reader, then welcome.
I will do my best in this Civilogia series to express my most important messages, by starting with the building blocks of basic ideas. There are many fundamental concepts to cover - I am sure hundreds, as the universe is full of diverse manifestations. The overall message and goal is to comprehensively establish Truth (with a capital “T”). This penultimate purpose can be accomplished by first maintaining optimism and utilizing all of the faculties available, for Truth is a huge objective. The whole process and the series is a part of Civilogia, which is a school, or Instituto.

The priority is to enhance human living, improving it to the optimum level. This focus is primal and I will have to be fully aware of reality, harnessing Truth for every mundane task. As it has been said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”. I will have to explore deeply and widely, expounding upon the fullness of knowledge and consciousness. There will be a review of various sensory phenomenon, noumenon, culture, world history, as well as psychological theories. At the core, this is commonly referred to as philosophy, which includes cosmology and religion. I don’t want to get limited by any of those connotations, such as what academic discipline it is, because the exploration has to be conducted by interdisciplinary method. As much as possible, limitations of categorization are being avoided, so that I can convey the information in a new light. Therefore, I choose not to call this philosophical or religious or scientific.

It will be a fresh beginning, that is my way. I feel it is destiny. I call it Civilogia, the science of civilization studies. More importantly and specifically, it is: Keyboa. A name which I choose for being new and unique and a proper personal name. (“Keyboa” when not on the internet, not on any electronic gadget, is spelled without the “E” and replacing it with another “Y”). I cordially invite you on this journey, to observe my quest, to study it and gain from it. It is an arduous trek to attain the heights of Keyboa. This is a path which will lead step by step to Truth and along with it, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Paradise, Immortality, Eternity, as it were. Each flowing moment, we obtain the meaning of life and experience the wonder of it all. Just as every well-selected word flows by, through thinking, typing, and sharing — from my mind to yours. I believe we are on the same page. I believe we will figure out everything. So many questions, so many answers.
The first topic to focus upon will be: the self, then possibly, attention whoring (which strangely inspired this introductory essay). After that, I don’t know, maybe it should be “How to organize thoughts and objectives into a capable and chronological sequence”.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The self, what or who is it? Where is it, when is it, how is it, why is it? The self is me. Long ago, I decided to label it as “E” or “Ey”, as a slight change from “I”, but this has caused a major paradigm shift. Most people have assumed it could not be done in the English language — the “I” was a permanent and unassailable constant. Yet I changed it, along came me, Ey am.
This self, Ey, is equated with individuality. Also, identity. Individualization, identification. This individual was born long ago and given a name, which is a legal fiction. This is regularly done as part of the system of society and government in these modern times. My name was Peter E. Tasciotti. Until the unusual process happened. Through twists and turns, on a wild adventure, I became Keyboa. It is a name, but not merely that. It is a way of life, an awareness, a family, a clan, a tribe, a people, a whole new civilization. Whoah now, Horsie! (to be con’t.)



Tasciotti movie director

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