ChronoCosmonomy developments

Recently, after our big journey through the East Coast and Deep South, I’ve been able to ramp-up diverse research into topics, current events as well as scientific disciplines. Having mentioned that, I am not going to get into the particulars much in this “” article. Instead I am going to expound upon a (self” codification of some fundamental principles for the restoration of wisdom/knowledge comprehension within this terrestrial realm, a.k.a. Earth, Arda, “the world”, the post-modern global order.

This codification is to be the basis of (and for establishing) the new KEYBOA_ consciousness. Awareness-and-awakening is key, in order to reach this civilization of the presently unfolding Age/Era. These codified rules are like modes or morays or sensibilities, to some extent, on some level. It includes the overhaul of the cosmology in general, the mathematics/arithmetic and numbers system, and the philosophy of our experience of reality itself.

Let’s get into this discipline known as philosophy! How important (in the scheme of things) is philosophy? It is a crucial part of the process in order to reach what is the future I recommend. In other words, it cannot be reached without a level of proficiency in philosophy. It is the science leading to awakening. It is required, a prerequisite for a better grip on reality. Look at the crisis around us and accept that the firm grip is needed now.

I am pondering the meaning of Time and Space and whether or not they exist (as if anything eternally exists). I must insist we acknowledge and remember the true purpose of Issac Newton’s theories on Absolutism, regarding time and space. The principle of these Absolutes seem to be covered in the adjacent Lagrangian theories. I have thoroughly questioned the reigning trend of the marriage of Space-Time through Einstein. As well as the notion that there are three dimensions of space and one dimension of time - making it the (counted) fourth dimension. It’s a curiously awkward concept. Is it all merely geometric? Is it acceptable that the never-measured speed of light is a constant? Some of these notions are overblown assumptions.

I am going to continue pondering and remain in deep contemplation, determining which words to use for explaining the Truth I have discovered. In the meantime, I may launch those coded rules. This includes the new mode of numerical counting, perspectives on the motions of celestial bodies, and confronting the unicentric conundrum. Bear in mind that the concept of “absolute” is significant for the study of all this.

I apologize for the brevity and partial nature of this article. It is going to have to be sufficient for this juncture in the history of our early civilization. The schedule of my workload is more than I can complete in the finite hours of the day and night. ChronoCosmonomy has already has taken many decades (many TimeSpace waves) of persistent study in order to be realized; it will take much more time to be conveyed to the general public, those who will enter into the fellowship of Keyboa_. Here’s to the higher knowledge! as always.



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