Search Engines and this website

I’ve been posting some articles/essays herein. I write about the unique and new (exciting!) projects that I’m working on. After the webpages propagate, I perform a search on google or duckduckgo or other search-engine. Unfortunately, the results are not what I would hope for — that is accurate and useful information — NOT.

When I search for Chronocosmonomy for example, it gives me a lot of results which are useful, other sites where I have posted info about Chronocosmonomy. However, there is one or more results from and the description is from the first part of my article. YET, when I click the link it leads to a webpage on which has nothing to do with the topic of Chronocosmonomy and nothing to do with my writings at all.

I’m wondering why this is the case? It is rather disappointing, it is a major let-down about It’s a buzzkill. And quite frankly, makes me ask if I should bother to keep using this website. Should I?

Does anybody know what’s the reason for the problem with the search engines? Is it a search engine problem though? Or is it a big problem with What is wrong with this site? Will it get any better?

I’m sorry I had to waste time (not really a waste) ranting. Hopefully it will lead to answers or help somebody and the website to improve. The point of venting is that it relives stress. Next time, I will write about the more important subject, the one I want to be accurately searchable: Chronocosmonomy!

P.S. I found a button to click/menu wherein it led to a page of “story settings”. I made a few changes and let’s find out if things get better for SEO and search engines being able to find my article.



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