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Tasciotti movie director
4 min readMar 31, 2022

Tasciotti, P.Ed. is comfortable with the human activity of movies and functioning as a Movie-Director But why movies? Tasciotti started out at an early age, like many of us in the 19 60’s, 19 70’s, and 19 80’s, being exposed to cameras and experiencing the home-movie experience. During those days, that era, the technology was progressing and cameras were being marketed to the general public. Prices were reasonable and there was widespread access to the products. Experiencing the results of the camera work was in the form of paper prints of photos (or Polaroids) and the more complex watching of motion pictures on movie-screens through movie projectors. Then the technology propagated from the corporate Television industry to the general public with Beta and VHS video cameras. The video-taped movies could be played back to anybody’s home television set. All of this technology was before the major advancements of the digital and computerized movies, which we currently have in 2022, with the ubiquity of smart-phones and whatnot.

During this formative period of my childhood into puberty, I was experiencing the movies through my family, primarily my grandfather and father. As I mentioned, this was rather common and many people remember this in their own background. What was different for me, was that I began to take a serious interest into the activity of movie-making. It was not merely “home-movies” for me. It was about expressing my individual ideas, my artistic creations, and the fictional screenplays I was writing. The whole endeavor reached a noticeable level of serious intention during the course of 1982 into 1983. That is my breakout period for movies.

What was going on in the world stage during 1982? Well, that is like “ancient history” compared to today! Back then, there were no mobile phones, not even any beepers. There were no smart phones. There was no way to broadcast through the wireless internet. I did the best I could to distribute my films. I gained a total of dozens of views in the local area of Poughkeepsie. It was rather frustrating, since I knew there were millions of couch-potatoes watching TV shows.

After the initial phase from 1982–1987, there were some years when I would take a break; I would not be occupied with making movies, putting it out of my mind. Inevitably though, the desire and the passion for making movies would return. Each time I would return to the craft, it would resonate higher and feel as if it was more important to do. Every few years, there would be an advancement of the technology and I would have to conquer the learning curve. I learned so much about all the technology and the equipment, as well as the distribution methods, that I became a teacher of it. It was all about sharing in the group experience. To be serious about such a pursuit, then you realize it is not merely about selfies.

It can be said that I have never done movies only for the money professionally; maybe that makes me an authentic amateur. I am also an auteur (a similar sounding word), because almost everything I end up producing is auto-biographical. There are some exceptions to the auteur predominance, like the earlier sci-fi movies and the satires. The main reason that I had not joined in with a major studio or done much commercial work, is because my projects are very intense and must sustain in their pure, raw origin — never compromised or watered-down. Growing up, I did not do well with any interference or false assumptions of outer authority LOL.

At present, my main goal is to polish up several of my long-term screenplays and experimental projects, in order to launch those as finished branding franchises. That is the reason for founding the Syndicate, known as Milkyy Media. The business plan is all being developed in order to widely distribute everything to the global public and to be quite lucrative. I believe and I know that the success will be through the follow-up, ongoing series and subsequent releases of material, especially the brand “TimeSpace Chronicles” and others more talk show-oriented.

What I will continue doing best is being a unique and original figure, who stands out from the rest. I have a message and it will be broadcast, through the medium of movies and all other forms of technological means. Why movies? Just something about its inherent universal appeal. I’ve loved lots of movies, just like all of you do; I just happen to love my own movies the most! Join me and find out why!

Acting people and crew: there will be cattle call, are you ready?



Tasciotti movie director

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