Time for questioning

One of the reasons to never go out of the way and do anything — is because of the fleetingness of this world. Isn’t it rather fluid and nebulous? Like virtual? So who cares if you don’t leave your mark? It’s not as if that mark is real, it’s merely a virtual mark. Nothing is set in stone, it’s all in flux. How can we write something in stone, when it’s all on a tablet or a smartphone of some device gadget? It can be deleted with one click. Nobody cares, not even the NSA.

This rings especially true for writing, yet also action and feelings and imagination. Action or non-action? Is it a bit like the Tao? Doing without doing? How can we take a stand on any issue? There is a hyper liberal, political correctness, which is always correcting itself. There is no set standard — here today, gone tomorrow. Last time it was checked, there is no moral value or virtuous code which has stood the test of time. Don’t fool yourself. it’s all political; that means whichever way the wind blows.

If you woke up one day and said, let me right the wrongs of the world! You would need the rule book on what is right and what is wrong. This needs to be a permanent book and it would be absolute. In the present situation, this set of rules to measure by, it keeps changing. Therefore, who can keep up with it, in order to take action? One day we shoot the wolves; the next day we protect the wolves. One day we eat the eggs; the next day we eat tofu. One day we spend the dollars; the next day we spend some kind of global crypto.

Eventually the pendulum stops swinging wildly out of control. Everything will settle, the smoke will clear, and the Truth will be known and lived by.

More of this idea at http://www.ahgamen.net/



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